Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

The title says it all folks: Happy 2008! I trust that everyone rang in the New Year in a satisfying way. We went to Scottsdale and did the bar thing, which was a really nice change of pace and a good way to kick start 2008 :)

Normally, I do not indulge in resolutions but this year is somehow different. Why? Well, I want to be more productive this year. In retrospect, I have come to consider 2007 the year of the UFO. One of my previous posts labeled this "affliction" as sewing ADD. By rough count, there were 7 items that were left unfinished for a variety of reasons. Some would say that 7 UFOs isn't bad, but considering I worked on about a dozen pieces, well, let's just say that ratio is not something I'm particularly proud of. But let's not dwell in the past. I have resolved not to beat myself up over them and just take the lessons learned and move on.

Moving on... In 2008, I resolve to

1. Sew complete garments. In this vein, I am going to take a page from Tany's and Carolyn's blog, leading me to my next resolution...

2. Be more purposeful in my sewing. Carolyn always makes the point that she doesn't like to start a new project without all necessary notions and potions, etc. Tany's sewing is beautiful and elegant, I believe, because she is purposeful. She has a vision and makes it happen in spectacular fashion. I want to be more like these two ladies. Let's just say no to orphan garments.

3. Make a concerted effort to increase my wearable wardrobe. Out of all the garments I made last year, my favorite was Vogue 2980, the leopard print top because it goes with all of my favorite pants and skirts and is an instant spirit lifter. I want more garments that I am proud to say I made.

New Years is a great time to reflect on what is working and what isn't, which can lead to positive change. I'm all for positive change. 2007 brought me out of isolation and introduced me to the sewing community online. It's only fitting that 2008 should be the time I start applying the knowledge gained!

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