Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sewing Class, Part 1a

I was going to call this post Part 2 of the sewing class, but then I started typing. This week, we made the front half of a skirt sloper. Prof. S- provided us with loose instructions and a diagram sheet for the complete skirt but in class we only covered the front half before he decided class was over. So, yesterday I decided I was going to finish my skirt sloper on my own, 'cause I'm independent like that you know? I managed to do the front half, create my hip curve, two darts, side seam, etc, but the back just eluded me. The placement of the darts and then the "trueing" of the back waist were just not explained at all on the sheet (meant to be filled in with great class notes, I suppose) so I just winged it Burda style. I then cut out my pattern and got to work creating a muslin on some cheapo depot fabric. Well. It was not pretty. Serious instruction for the back half is needed, to say the least.

On a really positive note, he helped with the fit of the Forever Fur jacket! He pointed out I have to increase the French dart on the left half first. Then, in order to attach the lining, I'll have to release the facing extensions from the shoulder seams (I tacked them down thinking this was the the thing to do). I expect to have the jacket completely finished and wearable this weekend. Perhaps the gods of winter will smile on the Valley and bless us with some fur wearing weather...

Next week we are supposed to finish the sloper, cut the fabric, lining and make the skirt. Prof. S- is to help tweak fit issues as well. So, I'll leave it to you dear readers...Do you want the front half now on its own or the complete deal next week?

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