Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

A lovely little bite by Ted Kooser, my favorite poet laureate...

The Celery Heart

—Placard at Hinky Dinky

Surely it misses those long fly balls of light
its leaves once leapt to catch, or longs to run
its roots out into the salty darkness.

What once looked like a Roman fountain
is now a ruin of fallen columns
bedded on ice. Its only consolations are,

at regular intervals, the hiss of mist,
and at times the warm and reassuring squeeze
of passing hand. But better this, by far,

than to be the sullen heart of artichoke,
stripped of its knives and heavy armor
and mummified for eons in a jar of brine.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Updates and partial review of M5468

Sadly, no update on the sewing lessons just yet...I was laid up with the flu last week and missed the fitting class and I simply haven't had time to type up the tutorial completely for the skirt sloper. It's a work in progress and will be coming (hopefully) in the next week.

But, change is afoot at Chez Rosanne. New job (two!), new dress (umm, not quite one), new red leather bag (of course!), and lots and lots of fantasies brought on by fashion week reports. Onward with the updates:

Over the past two weeks, I have been slowly constructing McCall's 5468. Sadly, my draft was not what I would consider "successful" in the fullest meaning of the word. Was it a dress? Yes. Could I wear it without fear of exposing bits and pieces? Yes. Did it flatter? In a word: no. Part of this can be attributed to user error. I believe I managed to cut the bodice pieces while there was tension on the fabric so they were about 3/4" shy of comfortable. Even though I realized my error while marking my pattern pieces, I decided to forge ahead and see what happened. However, both the front and back skirts are gathered at the waist. I do have a little junk in my trunk so typically, gathering is not the best look for me. Despite the fact that I am wise to the Big 4 and their generous ease, I still ended up with a waist band that can stand to be taken in another 2 inches, at a minimum, once it's in the proper place (my waist line). In it's current state, it looks very much like a sack with sleeves. Heidi Klum I am not, therefore I like to steer clear of sacks which, in general, do nothing for my figure. My mind's eye had it close to the Michael Kor's dress Beyonce wore and the Hot Patterns Cosmopolitan from last year. Cidell and Christina had beautiful versions of this dress. I may just have to give in and cough up the $20 for the Hot Patterns dress...

The blog silence of the last two weeks was two fold: new job and the flu. The first job was something of a bust - temp-to-hire at a large bank but the commute was killing me. An hour each way in the worst kind of traffic you can imagine - for just 17 miles! It's easy to forget how much you detest traffic when you don't have to deal with it. Well. After being on extended vacation jobless for while, I admit it was not the easiest transition. I ended up getting the worst case of the flu - sicker than I've been in the past 10 years - that actually kept me from last week's sewing class! I missed the fitting and lining! What to do, what do to?

Well, tomorrow I start a new, full-time professional job back with my old company. They called last week and asked to hire me back. Admittedly, they caught me at a ripe moment, delirious as I was from lack of sleep and road rage. How could I refuse a 15 minute (breezy) commute, gym on campus, working with my only best friends in the valley, and a better comp package? I'm only human, after all.

And, because moms make everything better (mine is especially talented in this regard), I opened the door to discover a package containing a gorgeous gift: a beautiful red leather tote bag! This bag deserves a post all of its own so I'll save the slavering description for when I can take a photo. It's incredibly unique and I can't wait to share it with you all!

As for Fashion Week in NYC, have you seen some of the styles?? Some are amazing and some not so much. Highlights for me were from the Calvin Klein collection; somewhat severe but still really compelling. I am really happy that we are moving away from the trapeze silhouette of last season and coming back toward a more natural look. Lots of inspirational looks out there. It seems that we are still working through the pains of the 80s and marching towards the 90s. And I'm sure that I speak for many when I say: Let us just pray that the belly shirts and high waisted jeans don't come back...

Until next time!