Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Let the Twelve Days Begin...

I haven't posted in a month and I figure it was about time I come up for air and say howdy-ho to all :)

After the (wonderful) craziness of having my parents here for turkey day, the husband and I had a quiet day of eating, drinking, and gazing wonderingly at the twinkling lights of our tree. Isn't it pretty? It is probably the smelliest tree I've ever had - the whole house is filled with Christmas tree aroma. I'm going to have make it last with some sachets. My nose is happy...
The news let us know this morning that tree recycling has begun already. That makes me so sad; am I the only one who finds it rather abrupt that the day after Christmas everything goes in the trash? In the Orthodox tradition, we also celebrate the Epiphany which concludes the Twelve Days. Now, growing up in a Greek household we'd just go to church to celebrate the day of Christ's baptism. Gifts were given on the 25th, like good little Americans. Decorations stayed up at least until mid-January and the holiday table was continually covered in tasty treats that were somehow religiously significant. My personal favorite was always vasilopita, a sweet bread that had a coin hidden within that guaranteed good luck for whoever got the lucky piece.

My husbands traditions vary slightly, even though he is Orthodox as well. As he was raised, Christmas Day marked the beginning of the celebrations, but New Years and the Epiphany are the major holidays, with gifts exchanged on the latter.

What are your traditions? Does anyone have any which vary from American style Christmas? Let me know as I'm really interested...

I've done some sewing over the past month and I do plan on catching up on my reviews, but I have to find my sewing mojo first. It seems have to disappeared in the past two months and I am having a hard time getting excited about sewing. Perhaps a little reorganization is called for, a la Hungry Zombie Sharon, to get me back into my sewing room?

In the mean while, I hope everyone is having a happy and healthy holiday season.

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miss twist said...

Have you seen the wheat pillows being shown on various blogs?

Go to Sprouts (you're in Peoria, right?--there's one around 87th and Thunderbird and one in Glendale around 59th-ish and Bell) and get some grain from the bulk bins. Combine that with the needles you harvest from your tree.

Sew up the little rectangles and fill with the wheat and pine needles.

I bet they will smell all evergreen-y when you heat them up for a long time to come