Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Burda 12-2007-122 begins...

Since it's a new year, I decided to start with a challenge and adventure: a faux fur jacket! What's that? Don't I live in the desert, you ask? Good question, very good question. So glad you remembered! For those not in the know, it does, get cold here in the Valley of the Sun. In fact, last winter there were even some little tykes that got to see snow for the first time in their young lives. And, yes, my house is heated. True, it doesn't get so cold for such extended periods that it warrants busting out the wool overcoat, but cold enough to justify a short furry jacket, like this one from everyone's favorite German pattern company:

Pattern #112 from the December issue. For some reason, it's not available online :(

Last year, when I made the La Rue messenger bag, I picked up a piece of fur a SAS Fabrics for $5.99/yd. It was very soft and silky and I loved to touch it - like all good fabrics, right? I only used a small chunk for the bag and ever since, the fur has been languishing in the stash waiting for the perfect pattern. At the time, I thought maybe a vest. But then I realized I've never worn vests - even though I've owned them - because I think I look more than a little ridiculous in them. Something about the lack of sleeves on a bulky item... Anyway, after cleaning the sewing room last week, I was going through the magazine and was just riveted by the photo spread with three wardrobe styling possibilities. Immediately, I pictured myself in my fur.

In line with my resolutions, I have assembled all of the necessary fabrics and notions. I have traced the pattern. I found the perfect lining. I even went back to the fabric store to find an extra piece when I realized that I wouldn't have enough for a proper collar. I am being purposeful, you see. This will not be a UFO. This will not be an orphan. I will wear it and be fabulous in fake fur... Espresso colored fake fur lined with minty green and pink peonies.

I feel more fabulous already!

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Cherie said...

Happy New Year from another Phoenician - or actually, Surprise! I "get" that fur jacket, also! Can't wait to see what you do with it! I bought a Juicy Couture sweater/shrug this year, sometimes a person has to have a "cold weather" fix!