Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I have what I call sewing ADD. It's a problem really because I start many wonderful projects and just don't finish them.

Exhibit A: The Living Room Drapes...
Started well over a year ago, I still have three panels left to do. I even have all the material cut out and ready to go and yet I can't seem to "find" the time to complete the last panels.

Exhibit B: Simplicity 4146...
My first notched panel jacket that I constructed as part of a Joann's class. Now, it was my first experience with easing jacket sleeves and elbows. I wasn't happy with the resulting notches (they were asymmetrical and resembled lobster claws just a bit too much) and so it remains unsewn at the the sleeves and hem. On second thought, this was just a wadder, so maybe its not an exhibit after all. Did this prevent me from reviewing it? Click here to find out!

Exhibit C: Kwik Sew 3151
You know, I gave this pattern a good review. However, it too hangs unworn and unhemmed and unaltered in my closet. The dress is a modified sheath/a-line and it needs, desperately needs, a sway back adjustment. Or maybe I just need to lose 10 pounds.

Exhibit D: Burda 124b
A lovely blouse, potentially, cut from a pretty georgette. That's right, I cut it. But sadly, that's all I've done. 3 months later, it looks at me every time I open the closet.

I could go on and mention McCall 5189, the pants from Simplicity 4146, or even Simplicity 3884,
but that seems gratuitous. So I have this problem where I start projects and then get distracted or bored and just put them aside. So, how many UFOs do I have? They stare at me each time I open my fabric closet, and they take up a fair amount of space. Uggh!

So, any suggestions on how to help with this problem? I always start with the best of intentions and then, well, I just fizzle out somehow. Or maybe, I get really bored and want to move on. But then, why the guilt?


Anonymous said...

I would like to read the answers , for I as well have Sewing ADD. I thouht I was all alone with this. I wish you the best. Darnetta

Cherie said...

I guess I would say, START. Be accountable to someone, or even yourself (like, go buy shoes to go with that, or your favorite chocolate - but only when done). Or, cut up nothing more get where I'm going here! Just a bit of self-discipline. Put the TV in front of the machine with your favorite movie or Project Runway or whatever. Good luck, from a fellow Phoenician (or Surprise, anyway!)

Maggie said...

Count me among the ADD of sewers. Part of the problem is not sewing for a purpose. I will go like crazy and complete a project if I need it...ex. dress for a wedding, outfit for a trip etc. but when I just cut out something just to sew, that's the item that never gets finished. And funny enough, I'm pretty fast when I want to be. When the Palmer Pletsch 8 hour blazer came out in the early 80's I was determined to break their record. I did on many occasions. Then they had the 2 hour blouse...same thing. Maybe you need a coach! So maybe try a new approack, or pick up one of the old Palmer Pletsch patterns to learn some speed techniques.