Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring Pattern Review

They are in, folks: new patterns from all the big companies and I feel the need to comment on the design choices made. Last season we saw the reemergence of the skinny pant, a look I personally feel was better left behind with the late 80s. This season it seems we are heading toward that early 90s look of oversized, loose-fitting garments.

From Vogue...

My least favorite of the bunch, by far, is V2970. The combination of the loose-fitting top with the bow-skirt is unattractive, even on the model. It hits her in all the wrong places: expanding through the ribcage to bubble out at the waist on top of the HUGE bow. Adding insult to injury, the skirt hits her at the widest part of the calf, which is flattering on no woman. This probably one of the least attractive looks I've seen from Donna Karan. Ever.

Continuing with the loose and oversized, Vogue V2971 gives us this skirt and blouse combo. The skirt is laced up the back, giving it the pleats that can be seen from the rear. Adding bulk are the pockets that the model is helpfully showcasing.

The top is not bad, actually. It's a boat-neck wrap top that ties in the back and can emphasize a smallish waist. The site says it is loose-fitting, although it doesn't seem so in comparison to the skirt.

Brought to us from Michael Kors, V2924, features a suit with cropped pants and single breasted jacket. Wide-legged cropped pants = thunder thighs on stubby legs. Look at the model; 'nuff said.

Let's take you back to the year 1995 with Vogue 8395. Observe in the photo provided how the skirt hits her at the widest part of her thighs, a look that works if you are 13 and have not yet developed curves or cellulite. For the rest of us women... Well, this is only for the bravest of the brave. Oh, and lovers of suspenders.

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