Saturday, April 7, 2007


After many fits and starts, here it is: my first official post! For this inaugural moment, let me address the whos, whats, wheres, whys, and hows of the matter.

Who am I you ask? I am a newly minted 30 year old, married and living with my husband in our new home. I work in the financial sector by day and sew by night.

What do I have to say? Well, lots, generally about all sorts of subjects. This blog will mostly be devoted to sewing related topics, however. We'll keep the politics and religion for another place and time...Sewing is my happy place :)

Where am I? Phoenix, AZ, also known as the Valley of the Sun, aka the Sonoran Desert, aka the hottest place I have ever been to. Last summer it hit 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and yes, you read that correctly. Don't believe the hype about the so called "dry heat." To get an idea of what it's like, preheat your oven to 400. Bend close and open the oven; that blast of heat that hurts your eyeballs? That's what the air feels like here.

Why do I need to have this blog? Well, mostly because I am the only person I know locally with an active interest in sewing and I miss having a community. Gotta love that internet!

When am I am going to post? When I have the energy after working and sewing and being a wife, etc. Don't be afraid to check back often...

How did I get started sewing? My mom had a beautiful old Singer sewing machine that always fascinated me with its golden accents. I thought it was beautiful and loved to watch my mom sew as a small child. It started skipping stitches and she somehow never found the time to have it fixed and so the Singer languished in its table for years. By the time I was old enough to start buying my own clothes, I started wishing I could take in this shirt or that waist line or let down a hem, etc. So, I took the Singer out of its table and to the local shop and had it tuned and the rest is history :) I love to sew and only recently purchased the Best Machine Ever. This blog will document my sewing adventures...

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