Sunday, April 15, 2007

Making Pleated Drapes

About a year ago when we first moved into our house, we decided we were going to put up drapery in our living room and kitchen. The house was newly finished and yet looked so naked inside. I shopped around the ready-made options and couldn't find any thing that I thought would suit our home or style. The next step was to explore the custom option and went so far as to have what we wanted priced out. The total cost: $4000-6000 depending on what material we wanted! Now, even if I weren't the do-it-yourself kind of girl, that price tag alone would have made me one. I decided that I could buy the silk dupioni and a sewing machine and sew them up myself...

I finished the kitchen window as my tester and to develop my skills:

I'm working on the living room now... Here are my calculations thus far

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