Thursday, July 5, 2007

Summertime in the city...

It's barely July and it's already 115 degrees here in Phoenix. It's unnatural, I tell you, for people to live in the desert. Manifest destiny, the Wild Wild West, modernity, and imported palm trees be damned. 115. Degrees. Do you know what that feels like? Good for you if you don't. You cannot imagine it if you don't experience it, much like extreme cold. Although, a preheaded 400 degree oven does give a good approximation, I must say.

So what do I do when my brain is at risk of boiling in my head (note the dark hair folks) and my scalp turns pink? I turn into a good little American consumer and do my part to propel the economy forward by raising the consumer goods index. I shop. Like all other Phoenicians, I seek refuge from the scorching sun in retail. My spending is usually aided by the brain melt down one risks on a daily basis here between June and August. Interestingly, while I am often forced to use cloth barrier (much like an oven mitt kept in the car) to grip the steering wheel until the AC does its thing, there have been occasions that I have left a preferred customer card in the sun and it was never too hot to handle. You could fry an egg and still be able to charge the iced coffee at the drive-thru.

So what did I buy? FAbric, patterns, and notions, people. Joann's had the sale I have been waiting a season for and I was able to get a tailors ham for all of $5. My husband was very confused by it. Even though I showed him how it works, he still somehow didn't understand.
I also picked up a number of patterns:



Simplicity 3684

Simplicity 3744

Simplicity 3867, but I bought the wrong size :(

V8202, a snazzy pair of jeans with an awesome back pocket

Simplicity 4097

So what does this all say about me? All this heat has me fantasizing about Fall... Except that I bought summery fabrics:

Top to bottom, from left to right:
  • yellow batiste that is sort of a watercolor wash over white
  • bottom weight (home dec maybe?) yellow with blue flowers that are shot through with gold..just enough of this in the remnant to make a swingy skirt!
  • poly/cotton blend in pink, blue, yellow, and oat Liz Claiborne home, that was the best plaid I have seen in a long time, even if it is pastels and meant for drapes or your sofa. I shall wear it.
  • Pink, oat, and sage plaid from Joann's prairie girl collection. I was sorry I had this cut almost as soon as I saw the other check but still I bought it
  • fashion jersey, acetate and lycra that feels like plastic but makes a surprisingly good dress fabric as it drapes nicely. Joann's clearance rack for $1.50 a yard. Can you believe this was originally $15? No wonder it was on clearance...
  • Coral gabardine in rayon/polyester from Hancock's that just drew me in with its freshness
  • Maroon stretch sateen, also from Hancock's, that hopefully has enough recovery to actually wear and keep its shape.
  • Not shown, but a clear vinyl 1.5 yd remnant I don't know what I am going to do with but was possessed to buy for $.93
I picked up some snaps and a little tool to install them, as well as a new seam ripper. A new deluxe seam ripper. Although, my old one was magnetized lightly, which is pretty handy when you want to remove pins from underneath your presser foot.


Cidell said...

I can never seem to get that Simplicity in stock at my Joanns! I've seen great results of 8202 but I'm intimidated to try jeans yet. I hope you make them up soon. I love how people on the East coast like to say it's the humidity. Clearly it's the heat.

Chicago Sarah said...

My condolences on your weather- it's forecasted to be in the mid 90s in Chicago over the weekend and I'm complaining about it already. I'd never survive Phoenix. And congrats on your JoAnn's deals- I love the prairie girl fabrics and can't wait to see what you make with yours!

Chicago Sarah said...

You are such an influence! After finishing the next-to-last curtain for my boyfriend's place tonight, we made a JoAnn's run. Naturally, I had to have a dressmaker's ham too... :)