Thursday, July 12, 2007

A challenge...

I'm working on day 2 of my cleanse. My mouth feels all funky, but today is definitely better than yesterday and while I definitely don't feel full, I can't say I miss the food. Okay, that's a bald-faced lie. I admit my will has been seriously tested, but not from hunger. Actually, I haven't been all that hungry considering I have been drinking just the lemonade for the past 48 hours. Yes, I have been tempted, but only because I was bored or thirsty. This is not at all different than my normal eating habits :)

Although, yesterday it was rather difficult cooking for the hubby. Grilled chicken has never smelled so yummy, I tell you. And then I made him a roma tomato, vidalia onion and Bulgarian feta cheese salad (my favorite) and I was almost undone. I have always been the resident salad maker for my family, some would even call it my specialty. Not to toot my own horn, but I can really work the raw veggies tossed in some EVOO and vinegar. Okay, enough about food! Well, maybe not so much.

I had to do a little shopping yesterday and I keep on telling myself I have to make my own shopping bags because I can't stand the number of paper bags I bring home. Lately, there are some stores, Trader Joe you know who you are, that like to double bag, which drives me NUTS. If I had to walk a mile, sure, but the 10 steps from the trunk to the kitchen??? Please. Anyway, there is a lovely blogger out of the UK who makes even lovelier bags. You must all check it out. U-Handbags

Here's a peek at U-Handbag's reusable grocery bag for inspiriation and please, check the link out for the pattern and instructions:

In fact, I would like to propose a challenge! How about a reusable shopping bag sew-off? Who's game??


Chicago Sarah said...

A challenge? I'm in! Details please... :) I need to make some shopping bags for the same reason, so this will be fun.

Allison said...

There's been talk of a grocery bag pattern drafting contest over at Fashion-Incubator, and the link to her original post is here.
Just in case you're interested :)

rosanne said...

Pardon my silence, ladies! I'm working on the challenge. Expect updates in the next day or so. I'm glad you are interested :)