Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Vintage Dior...Or, why I love the internet

I've been home sick with this season's sinus infection for the past couple of days. Being home during the week when one is sick is it's own kind of torture. You have limited options; too sickly to enjoy being home and, since I have a sinus infection, too stuffed up to actually sleep. I had forgotten how truly terrible daytime TV is, I mean Martha Stewart is cool and all, but the rest...If I didn't have the internet, I would have gone crazy. And, no, I do not have cable for the express reason that most TV sucks beyond belief and we refuse to pay retail for it.

I have spent the last 96 hours in a sort of semi-awake haze, propped up on the sofa with my laptop, well, in my lap surfing the web. Much time was dedicated to searches of vintage patterns. I discovered this website, paperpursuits.com, that has an extensive collection that is very well organized and is awesome in all respects, except for the fact that they fleece their customers. Their collection of patterns range from $25 - $65, with the majority being $48. Now, I have said before that I make it a point never to pay retail, and $48 for a pattern, a cut pattern even, seems like highway robbery to me. This of course led me to eBay :) And, Christian Dior #2948:

The drawing and model caught me since the outfit is very much my style. I love the top, with a self-belt, paired with the the pleated skirt. And at $3.95 plus shipping, how could I not bid? Aren't I lucky that it's my size since I actually won the auction...

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Chicago Sarah said...

Yuck...I hear you about being home sick during the week. Somehow it makes it worse when you realize you _wish_ you could be at work. :) Hope you are feeling better soon, or at least found some more ebay bargains to cheer up with.