Thursday, June 28, 2007

Those who can do; those who can't...

Teach! Just kidding. Coming from a family of educators, that has been a long standing joke. So, in my constant endeavors to find something interesting to do, I went to Joann's last weekend. As I was perusing their craft aisle for inspiration for my Burda patterns, I happened across the Joann creative classroom and lo, there was someone there! On a whim, I asked if they were looking for people to teach any classes and she said yes! Next thing I knew, I was volunteering to teach a class on sewing knits.

Next fall, I will be teaching a class on how to sew knits at the Gilbert, AZ Joann's Store :)

I was thinking Simplicity 3775:

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christina said...

Never hurts to ask, I guess... That'll be fun!