Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fabric Mart wool cart comes to Phoenix

Yes, I finally broke down and purchased. It was the promise of 3 yards for $5 that drew me; I picked an Anna Sui silk chiffon. And 4 pounds of buttons for $5. I suppose this makes me a sucker for anything priced at 5 bucks. Then there was the wool bundle: 12 yds for $28. Oh, I did qualify for the 10 yd mystery bundle, too. First time buyer, you understand. Did I mention the 3 yds of black wool stretch? And there was the Cophenhagen blue linen blend.

The verdict? Eh...First glance left me decidedly unimpressed. The wool bundle had some interesting pieces, but the colors weren't fabulous. The mystery bundle wasn't such a hit, either; nondescript wovens and a sweatshirt fabric in olive & pink sparkle camouflage. I ask you, what am I going to do with sparkly camo? And one of the pieces from the wool bundle was definitely a shade of green that is wearable on a select few. I mean, who really wants to wear a green that lives somewhere between an army olive and puree of pea? If you can, please, let me know and I'll send it off to you. I wouldn't even want to give this away since it would kind of like giving away the lemon starburst, you know? Who likes the lemon starburst?? Exactly my point...

I don't know. I may just end up sending the wool back. Did I mention it was about 80 degrees today? What was I thinking? Why did no one stage some sort of woolen intervention? Sometimes I need someone to just take hold of my shoulders and look me in the eyes and say, "No, Rosanne. No. You have to accept that you live in the desert. Put down the wool and back away slowly. That's not tropical weight and you know it."

Does Fabric Mart take returns based on buyer's remorse/idiocy/obstinate refusal to just give in to the heat? My single concession was the linen/viscose blend in Copenhagen blue.

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