Friday, May 25, 2007

Burda World of Fashion comes to Phoenix, AZ

This past month, my in-laws have been visiting from Belgrade, which has been wonderful I must say. I have fallen for my husband's family head over heels. They are very much like my own parents, less the English language. In light of the pitying looks I get when I tell folks they are here, I should consider myself extraordinarily fortunate to have such a family. Tomorrow, the pity party will begin in earnest when they depart and it will be just the two of us once more . The house has been abuzz with with activity. Bless my mother-in-law for washing my windows (my husband warned me, but I didn't believe) and generally taking over without taking over, if you know what I mean. I will really, really miss them.

Incredible lady that she is, my mother in law brought me an issue of Burda World of Fashion, as it is easier to find in Europe than in the US. It was April's issue, which was fortuitous since my subscription began in May. As I said, she's awesome.

Right now, they are cruising downtown Phoenix with S (my hubby). All four blocks of it... Phoenix is the anti-city and I hate the sprawl, but they insisted when we came home. Did I mention that they applaud my arrival from work? How can you not love people who find you worthy of ovation? Who doesn't need applause for the nine - ten hours spent slaving for The Man? It's like having my own fan-base. They were chanting, Phoe-nix, Phoe-nix, Phoe-nix! How can you say no? Tomorrow will be a sad, sad day.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful for you that you have such a good relationship with your in-laws. I've been blessed with exceptional in-laws who are like my own parents to me, also. Any plans to go visit them in the future?

rosanne said...

Eventually we'll get to Belgrade...It's a timing thing for right now. We both are both your typical work-a-holics and have to make the most of our three weeks vacation each year. This fall, we're spending a week in London and then a week in Greece with family. I think the year after, we'll head to Belgrade, hopefully with a baby or two in tow :)

Janimé said...

It's so nice that you have in-laws you can get on with well.

I LOVE my MIL. She's a saint. She's also a take over without taking over sort :)

My FIL on the other hand... Well, we'll just leave that one alone ;)

Mimi Jackson said...

You are living my life 6 years ago! Now 36, with two kids, I tell ya - I know the anxiety, the boredom, the longing... but what I wouldn't give for a NAP!!!!

Please take a nap and tell us about it, so I may live it vicariously!

But really, I understand, and have been there. Just know that it is an incredible time to be an adult with the freedom to spend your days as you please. Revel in it while it lasts, okay?

I also have great in-laws, and that is a double-blessing when kids come along!