Thursday, April 10, 2008

BWOF Dress begins, or what a difference a year makes

Let us flash back to my very first attempt at a notched collar, shall we? It was June of 2007, hot as blazes, and I fancied myself a beginner in need of professional assistance. Where to turn? Joann's lured me in with their Creative University classes. I signed up for Sewing a Suit and created a gray polyester thing that was at once wonderful and discouraging.

I was the only one who paid for the course, so it was one-on-one instruction. Mostly she just guided me through the instructions. Part of me felt that I could have just saved my $100 and bought some really great fabric, but I have to admit she helped me through some tough spots. One particular rough spot was the collar. Simplicity 4146 has a notched lapel that should have been straight forward. My choice of fabric made this very challenging, I realized much later while trying another jacket in a very reasonable and well behaved cotton.

Flash forward to the current class I am taking with a sewing professional, Prof. S-, part of an actual curriculum with design and fashion majors. He demonstrated a collar and stand construction that was just so simple and lovely! I have chosen Burda WoF 06-2007-139 for the next project.

I leave you to compare the results his method produced on my muslin's collar (pink) tonight to my first attempt (grey)... To truly appreciate what a difference a year makes, click on each photo to see the large scale version.


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

cidell said...

Huge difference!

Alex said...

That looks great, and just to let you know you have a 6th reader, though i don't comment very much. I've been enjoying reading about all you're learning in your course.

Alex said...

Darn, the one time I leave a comment, blogger ate it!

Just wanted to say that you have a 6th reader and that I enjoy reading about your projects and all that you are learning in your course!

I'm currently where you were at least a year or more ago. I hope to make as much improvements!

Meghan Chapman said...

Oh wow, what a difference! Congrats on upgrading your skills!