Monday, August 6, 2007

Michael Kors ... "The Suit"

I was browsing for some inspiration now that the fall collections are upon us. Look at what I found: I must warn you, you will be tempted and you will covet:

First up...A Diane von Furstenburg keyhole dress that is both delicate and feminine with a powerful print. Does this not make your little heart beat just a little faster? This "Chiquita" can be yours at Nordstrom for just $425.

Next...two choice choices from Nanette Lapore. A suit and blouse that are so trendy and yet so classic. Puffed rouched details on the jacket are adorable but note the gathers on the sleeve end. That is the detail that sends this jacket into a whole new category.

And the blouse? It too is lovely and should be fairly easy to copy cat. A nice silk charmeuse that matches the undertones in your skin will make you glow.

Is the back detail amazing or what? Perfect to emphasize a slim waist and straight back.
And last but certainly not least. Ladies, hold onto your hearts because you just might loose them to Michael Kors after witnessing such perfection...

Double breasted dogstooth woolen jacquard. Ah-may-zing. Michael Kors has restored himself, people. I covet. My reaction upon seeing this suit is a little embarrassing. I am not so materialistic but I want. The jacket alone will set you back a clean $1500. The wide portrait collar, the gorgeous black buttons, the cut, the pencil skirt, the 3/4 length sleeve. Does it not take your breath away?
This is the reason I bought a sewing machine.

A closer look...


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Anonymous said...

I love the Diane von Furstenburg dress, but the Michael Kors suit!!! I am in love with that suit!! Thanks for reminding me why I started sewing and why I should be looking forward to my son starting school this fall!

Chicago Sarah said...

Hey...the bag challenge...I'm getting ready (pink flamingos!)